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Psycho-social Assessment

It is Exquizite's policy to provide psycho social assessment upon any admission to any service program. The purpose of this assessment is to the individuals reason for seeking services, clarify needs, and identify conditions of the focus of services provided.

P5S2 Program

P5S2 is a program the promotes proper parenting, pregnancy prevention, and practicing safe sex. The program will assist women and youth develop life skills necessary to properly care for a child, as well as being able to maintain and support their families.  Program will allow women and youth to become knowledgeable of risks, consequences and outcomes of unprotected sex, and how to practice safe sex.  Life skills training is also a part of the program as they as necessary to make the program effective. 

P5S2 assists individuals assists individuals in strengthening knowledge base in areas such as :

Life Skills Training


Conflict Resolution 

Anger Management

Time Management

Money Management and Budgeting

Computer Skills Training

Work and School Readiness

Interpersonal/Relationship/ Family Skills

Keys to Social Success

Communication Skills

Stress Management Skills